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​Financial Services Consultant

Hi there, I am Eileen and I have been in this wonderful business since August 2005. It was one of the best decisions I had made in my life so far and I am not regretting it a single bit.

My mission statement in my life is: To make a difference to someone’s life through love and care, by reaching out to them.

This business resonates with my mission statement a lot. I am always very happy whenever I manage to process a claim (big or small) for my clients, as I know by doing so, I have made a difference to them by relieving them financially. In fact, the number of claims I managed to process annually is a KPI to myself.

I love working with families with kids (young ones especially) as I love kids. I love how kids reminded us of how vulnerable they are, needing our protection and love. Kids are very innocent too, reminding us how simple things in life can be so joyful, good reminders to us adults. I always look forward to visiting newborns as I miss those baby smells (not to forget, those confinement food smells). They all smell so good!

It is very fulfilling when I manage to render useful advices to my clients, helping them to stretch their dollar, to ensure their family is well-protected with the essential coverage portfolio in place, since it is not easy to run a household with kids as it can be very financially taxing at times. I totally understand that as I am a mother to two young boys too. I am happy to share with my friends or clients who are in the same life-stage as me useful hacks as we try to navigate this parenting journey together.

A client would not be a client to me for long as we will soon become friends and friends do care and look out for each other. My clients-turned-friends can vouch for me that I do sincerely think for them with all the advices I have given thus far and only have their interests as top priority.

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