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Hi there! This is Choon Yuan! Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. Please allow me to share with you my background and my beliefs on how I can make a difference in helping you to reach your financial goals.

As a CFA Charterholder working in Investment Banking & Asset Management industry for 12 years, I strongly believed in the importance of holistic financial planning. During this period, I had taught hedge funds and portfolio management at NUS and SMU, followed by CFA revision courses at Kaplan as well. Because of what I had gone through, as a client myself, I had always wanted to work with a financial planner rather than a financial product seller. Therefore, it was a mental struggle for me when I first joined AIA, because the public impression of the insurance industry is product selling, meeting sales target, sales quota etc. And it took me some time to learn how to integrate my knowledge of financial products into the planning that I do for my clients.

My ideal appointment with my clients is no pressure on my end to sell you anything; and no pressure on your part to buy anything from me. Instead we spend our time together where you share with me on where you are now financially, where you want to get to next time, and how I can help you reach your financial goals. From a professional perspective, I can share with you the pros and cons of various solutions, be it property, stock investments, corporate bonds, structured notes, options trading, FX, REITs, ETFs, insurance, CPF, housing loan, tax savings or even legacy planning such as will writing. The focus is really about helping you address your evolving concerns over time because the financial planning journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

As a result, when we have such a relationship, whenever you come across any financial products, new insurance plans or investment opportunities, we can both have a very comfortable conversation and I will be able to provide the professional perspective on such money matters. To stay in this career for the long term, it is not more money that keeps me motivated. But it is this satisfaction that money cannot buy, when I know my advice has made a difference in helping you get a step closer to your financial goals. Ultimately, it helps to bring meaning & this motivates me to grow further in this career. I am truly blessed to have the support of my clients and some of them have graciously written the testimonials below so that I can help more people who values financial advice more than financial products. Thank you!

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