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​Financial Services Consultant

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their financial goals by making meaningful decisions and taking the necessary actions without compromising their current lifestyle.

I specialize in developing an individual financial blueprint for working professionals and business owners. In my daily conversations over coffee and meals, I often hear about the frustrations, challenges and complexities that you face on the many financial products available in the market and it is only natural if you fall into the trap of paralysis analysis.

Because, you want the best for yourself and your loved ones.

What is the best?

Over the years, I learned and found that successful financial planning is simplifying the process, knowing your outcomes and taking action. In the process, I want to help you answer 3 universal questions.

1. What if you live too long?
2. What if you are gone too soon?
3. What if you cannot work due to a major injury or traumatic illness?

Having a process provides clarity and certainty knowing that you will achieve your outcomes. I am committed to help you make meaningful decisions to live life on your own terms financially.

Living is not only about working. Sports and traveling are ways for me to balance my life. Staying active is key to maintaining vitality and a high energy level, while visiting different countries is an opportunity to see the world differently and appreciate what we have. It is an invaluable life experience.

My direction into leadership and volunteering is exciting as I am able to give back through mentoring and coaching. The financial services industry has seen its fair share of talent leak and mis-matchers. I hope to give people who are considering a professional sales career a picture of the industry’s good, bad and the ugly. If the fit is right, the work we do, besides being meaningful, will bring freedom of personal development and income longevity.

Summary of skillsets
– Financial Planning
– Retirement
– Employee Benefits
– Wealth Accumulation
– Estate Planning

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